Greater New Bedford Vocational Technical High School

George Heath Superhero Scholarship Fundraiser
From Rosemary Heath:
"George loved teaching!  It was definitely the time of his life when he enjoyed every minute.
George and I stood side-by-side when a madman came into Bertucci's in Taunton MA on May 10th. The madman was stabbing a young pregnant waitress and we intervened to sav…
No Bully's Allowed
A 16-year old high school student created an App that helps new kids in school connect with other kids; helping them find a lunch buddy to sit with during lunchtime.
Greater N.B. Voc-Tech Senior Night
Shortly before the downpour on Friday night, the Greater New Bedford Vocational Technical football team honored their Senior players. The Seniors were escorted by their parents, family members and girlfriends.
The rescheduled game took place on Saturday at noon, resulting in a 20-19 comeback win for …