Ana Jerez is still in disbelief. She can't believe that she was able to attend yesterday's White House Easter Egg Roll. It's a tradition that dates back to the year 1814, when President James Madison and his wife opened up the White House lawn for what would become an annual event for children.

Ana Jerez has always wanted to be a part of the tradition. She discovered several years ago that Americans could enter a lottery to have their family attend. Ana entered three years in a row and was notified by email that she had been selected for this year's festivities.

She spent her Easter Sunday driving down to Washington, D.C. with her kids. The Jerez family set their alarm early for a 6:45 a.m. Secret Service security check-in. Ana said the check-in was relatively quick (around 20 minutes or so). The Easter Egg roll began at around 7:30 and lasted until roughly 9:30, but Ana and her family were in no rush to leave the White House lawn. They eventually bumped into the First Lady Melania Trump.

Ana tells Fun 107 that the First Lady couldn't have been nicer. After Secret Service told her daughters that they couldn't get their picture take with Mrs. Trump, the First Lady pulled rank and overruled the security detail, squatting down to talk to the little ones. Ana was able to snap a quick photo of her daughters Kelly and Shandaliz socializing with the First Lady.

President Trump also made an appearance with the Easter Bunny early on in the event.

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