All of us have been stuck at the New Bedford-Fairhaven Bridge at some point. It's not fun, especially when you have somewhere to be, like, now. But when you're in that pile of cars waiting for marine traffic to pass and the gate to lift, there's not much about it you can do.

So, how do you pass the time?

For me, it's simple: I avoid the bridge at all costs. I'll hop on I-195 to get to the radio station and put the extra miles on my car any day.

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I know it's not just me that thinks this bridge feels like it takes forever. Yes, it's on a schedule and by now we should know it, but the closings still always seem to take us by surprise and we wind up sitting and sitting... and sitting.

On the rare occasion that I do take the bridge, I throw my car in park, check emails and try to clean a little. I also take the time to jam out to some good songs.

If I'm truly in a rush you can catch me being one of those people who pulls a U-turn and takes Main Street.

With the summer months here, fun stuff planned and traffic building, the last place you want to find yourself is on that darned bridge. However, if you do get stuck, here are sone ways you can pass the time, courtesy of our friends on Facebook.

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