Taylor Swift kicked off The Eras Tour over the weekend and — surprise! — New Bedford-made dollhouse furniture makes a prominent appearance.

Nathaniel Ellis, owner of Flip This Dollhouse in New Bedford's Kilburn Mill, has been one busy guy lately between running his business, pitching a reality show and supplying (mini) furniture and inspiration for Taylor Swift's latest tour.

Nathaniel took to Facebook in November to tell his followers he had sold some of his dollhouse furniture to a production company for use in something to do with a "big-name artist." He wasn't exactly what the plan was but he had his hunches. He also said Fun 107 might have been onto something when we guessed Taylor Swift was involved.

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It turns out we were right.

The tour officially kicked off in Glendale, Arizona, March 17. Now the world is finally getting to see how the New Bedford-made merchandise is featured.

A video played during Taylor's set showcases the furniture that the store sold a few months back. As Taylor sings "Bad Blood," you get to see the dollhouse burning down with all the furniture still in it.

Taylor and her team are very particular about everything so we wondered if they kept Nathaniel's furniture intact. Hopefully, no furniture was harmed in the making of the video.

"The furniture appeared to be intact," Nathaniel said. "I love what they did with it, and I was so excited to see it."

We asked Nathaniel if he planned to see Taylor's Gillette Stadium shows this summer to witness his creation on the big screen.

"I'd love to go to her show if I can get tickets somehow," he said about one of the notoriously toughest tickets in town.

We are thinking he should probably hit up that production person and ask for some.

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