If you've walked the runways at Market Basket this month, you know the latest in fashion are face masks.

Six weeks ago, most of us would look at someone strangely if they were wearing a mask walking on Purchase Street. How quickly things have changed. Now, people are having fun with their face masks, and using them to express individuality.

I wouldn't call myself a fashionista by any stretch, but I am definitely a fan of Joseph Abboud suits. All of my suits were purchased at the Abboud factory sales. That's why I was so pleased to hear about the limited edition Joseph Abboud face masks that will be distributed by the City of New Bedford.

“Joseph Abboud is a leader in menswear, and I am grateful to Joe Bahena and the company as corporate citizens for nimbly retooling their operation to provide these protective masks to New Bedford’s residents and front line workers,” said Mayor Jon Mitchell.

The masks will be given to people with health conditions that make COVID-19 more dangerous and to front line workers.

Mayor Jon Mitchell took delivery of thousands of the cloth masks this morning. Another 30,000 masks are set to be delivered in a few weeks. There will be a total of 53,000 cloth masks in all.  Each of them is adorned with the simple elegance of a proud "NB." The new ones that were released today were sleek gray in color. The earlier editions of the Abboud face masks were white.

Over the coming weeks, masks will also be made available to staff and patients of the Greater New Bedford Community Health Center, the staff and clients of the Meals on Wheels program, and elderly clients of the Immigrants’ Assistance Center.

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