Ever since I purchased my bicycle, it's opened my eyes to the world of cycling.

I'm noticing things I would have never seen while driving and there's something about the fresh air on my face that washes away the stress I've been holding onto. Just getting outside in general has been a blessing now that the warmer weather has settled across the SouthCoast and I'm riding every chance I get.

However, owning a bicycle is not all rainbows and sunshine.

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Before buying the bicycles, my fiancée and I brushed up on the rules and regulations of the road when it comes to bike riding. We know you're supposed to go with the traffic, stay off highways, offramps, and turnpikes, and most importantly, be cautious of others around you- including the traffic.

On Monday, August 7th, the sun was warm, welcoming, and calling our names to take a "family bike ride" (as we call it). We agreed we'd check out buttonwood park and take a slow stroll around the perimeter. Once we crossed over Rockdale Avenue, we made our way onto the Buttonwood Park walkway that surrounds the zoo/park. It was quite busy that night as Pop Warner football and little league baseball were in full force.

Parents and children filled the park and sidewalk making it difficult to ride our bikes, but we went slow and respected others around us.

While carefully passing a gentleman and his two kids, I heard him say to them "Watch out, these people think it's OK to ride on the sidewalk". That, of course, did not sit well with me, yet I kept on pedaling and let it be.

I've seen countless bicycles and rollerblades/skates on that path before, there's no way that it's against the rules. So I did some research and my only hope is that this article finds its way to that one disgruntled man.

According to the Buzzards Bay Coalition, it's completely fine to take your bikes on the walkway surrounding Buttonwood:

"At Buttonwood Park, you can walk, jog, or bike ride along nearly two miles of walking paths. The paths trace the park’s perimeter past the zoo, pond, and playground. They’re paved and flat, which makes them easy and accessible for all." -Buzzards Bay Coalition

So there you have it, folks. The proof is in the writing, so the next time someone gives you flak for exercising/riding your bike around Buttonwood Park- show them this.

You're welcome.

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