Alyssa Rutkowski, formerly of New Bedford, is getting married in a few months. She was eager to tell me that her May 19th wedding date is the same as the royal wedding, but she had her date picked out first.

The bride-to-be recently visited New Orleans for her bachelorette party, perfect timing seeing as how it coincided with Mardi Gras weekend! The flight attendants on Southwest were happy to play into the trip, one even wore her veil and a tutu during the flight!

The flight attendants also played “Here Comes the Bride” as Rutkowski walked down the aisle of the plane, complete with her veil. She posted the video on her Facebook page with the caption, “I’m never traveling without a veil.”

You can hear one of her bridesmaids saying “This is the best flight ever!” in the video. Clearly, Southwest knows how to treat a bride right. These NOLA-bound ladies had a GREAT time!

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