They're reunited and it feels so good to see these boys determined to do some good.

Often in sports, your teammates become your family. You become brothers and sisters in arms. That's what happened to the New Bedford Boys Basketball team. They had been playing together since instructional year and formed a family.

They all played together for coach Brian Rudolph their sophomore year, but circumstances forced the boys to part for junior year. Brothers were forced to break apart, but Brian Rudolph was named head coach and when the boys found out they all wanted to come back together to play for coach. They came back home from as far as Florida to bring the family back together and deliver their new slogan, "Change The Culture."

Today these strong willed boys are out at Wal-Mart in Dartmouth from 7am-8pm raising money so that ALL their teammates can have sneakers and new jerseys. If there's any left over they're hoping to be able to help make sure everyone has back packs for school too! This team refuses to leave any of their brothers behind!

If you have the time and some extra cash please head out and support!

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