It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s all about the animals.

Wet Nose Wednesday is all about giving the spotlight to wonderful animals on the SouthCoast that are up for adoption, and thanks to the help of local shelters, Fun 107 gets a chance to highlight one animal a week.

This week, we head to Lighthouse Animal Shelter in New Bedford where a 1-year-old Pointer mix is ready to be someone’s new best friend.

Meet Ginger, an extremely affectionate dog who is excited about life. While she weighs about 55 pounds, she’s convinced she is a lap dog.

Ginger was previously fostered with three other dogs, and seemingly loves every dog she meets, but due to her energy level and size, Ginger would do best with dogs her size.

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Ginger is excited about life and likes to jump.

“She has jumped a 4-foot fence before and attempted to chase a squirrel up a 6-foot fence,” said the shelter.

However, she doesn’t show much interest in the fence line at the shelter, showing that she’s maturing and ready to learn.

She’s also working on her leash skills, so her new family will have to be diligent with her doggy training and supervision in the yard.

“Ginger is ready and willing to learn, and with confident handling and lots of love, she would be a loyal companion," said the shelter.

Does this love bug sound like a good fit for you and your family? Contact Lighthouse Animal Shelter and like them on Facebook to make an appointment today.

Lighthouse Animal Shelter

596 Hathaway Road, New Bedford, MA 02740


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