I love my Apple TV. A couple times a year, I can see the Apple WWDC event that they run that introduces the new products that Apple will release now, and coming up later in the Fall. Here's just some of the highlights from today's event.

The new operating system for you Mac users is called OS X Mavericks. Like previous versions before it, it's twice as fast and makes the hardest things to do, that much easier. It improves battery life on your computer, and has a cool feature like App Sleep, which will bring down the power that the computer uses when you're not using the app. This will greatly improve your Mac's battery life.

A cool new feature called iCloud Keychain will store all your passwords, credit card info, wifi login, and account info for those of us that forget time and time again what our passwords are. Major security is involved here, so you won't have to worry about info getting stolen.

Newer, cheaper MacBook Airs will be released. Improved battery life, and faster wifi connections have been upgraded for user convenience.

Apple did something this year that was kind of unexpected, and something that STeve Jobs would never do. They announced a product still in its development stage. A new Mac Pro that's two times faster than any MacBook out right now. It's circular, and a lot smaller than the tower than you may have seen, and spins around so you can easily access the USB ports, HDMI connections, etc. A funny moment for one of the Apple executives on-stage came when after they presented a commercial for the MacPro, he said, "Can't innovate anymore my a**." That obviously a shot at the critics who have said Apple's innovation has died with Steve Jobs.

What I was looking forward the most, was the new iOS 7 operating system. A lot of changes make it very different from the iOS 6 debacle. It's simple, and the icons actually move with you as you move the phone, so you can see behind the icons. The look of iOS 7 is unbelievable! I have never seen a live wallpaper on an iPhone before without it being completely jailbroken, or unlocked. The camera feature now has 4 cameras built in. Photo Streams are much more organized, so there's no more continous flow of pictures that we all have in our iPhones now.

Siri now features a man's voice, along with a woman's voice as well so the ladies can talk to a guy, as well as a tremendous amount of information sources have been pumped into Siri for better accuracy.

No more notifications to update your App Store, which was irritating to me especially when you had to dedicate time each day to update your apps. That's now going to be updated automatically.

A brand new iTunes Radio service has been added as well. If you're looking forward to upgrading your iPhone's operating system, expect it to roll around sometime this Fall.