I thought it was impossible, but the impossible has happened: my Mac computer has a virus.

All I ever hear about is how Apple products aren’t able to get viruses. They are more secure and not as easy to hack. So when I was ready to buy my first computer, an Apple product seemed to be the logical choice, but it has let me down.

When I purchased a brand-new Macbook Air, I thought I was golden. In the past, I have dealt with out-of-date desktop computers and hand-me-down laptops that crashed more than they stayed alive, so this Apple purchase was a big one.

But lo and behold, I have caught a virtual virus.

I have Google set as my desired search engine, but when I use the search bar, my search is replaced by a jumble of letters and numbers, and I’m sent to Yahoo search results. On the surface, it doesn't seem all too serious, but if I hit the backspace button when searching the web, I’m reverted again. The letters and numbers that appear in the search bar haunt me and my imagination runs wild. What if someone is hacking into my camera? What if someone is stealing my identity? It may sound wild, but I’ve heard wilder.

Now, I’m at a loss. I purchased an expensive laptop with a false sense of security, and I am now faced with an ugly virus that can’t be cured. I’m on the hunt for tech-savvy professionals who can help me unlock the mystery of this Macbook myth, because this virus is very real.

Got a tech guy? Reach out to me at maddie@fun107.com!

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