It may not be the first play you think of when you think Broadway musicals, but The Band's Visit is absolutely worth seeing anyway.

When most people think of Broadway, they think of Cats or Phantom or these days Hamilton.

The big name, lots of press musicals that everyone is talking about.

The Band's Visit is not that kind of musical.

And the fact that I knew nothing about it, was one of the reason's I was so excited to see it.

I mean in this day and age, with trailers, teasers and internet spoilers, it's really hard to watch something fresh. It was really nice to see something with zero influence or expectations.

And The Band's Visit set it own standard brilliantly. It is simple and stunning and for me one the most captivating plays I've seen in a while.

Admittedly it takes a minute or two to really get into, but once you do you are truly sucked in.

The story is simple, a band from Egypt heads to Israel for a performance and ends up in the wrong city. They must stay the night in the small town they've accidentally arrived in and the interactions that ensue from there take you through the show.

You learn of love and loss, hear songs that fill the theater and experience moments so silent it's hard to believe the audience can be that quiet too.

And the entire cast is brilliant. Funny, sassy, sad, awkward and all spectacular singers.

Literally all. Telephone guy? He will blow you away.

The weekend is expected to be hot, but you can beat the heat with some AC at PPAC while enjoying The Band's Visit.

The show is in town throughout the weekend with two shows Saturday and Sunday.

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