Fair warning, I am more obsessed with donuts more than anyone I know, I am willing to drive a minimum of an hour as soon as someone says the word donut.

If you're going to celebrate our nations most important holiday (Yes, I'm kidding) the best way, here are the donuts you need to eat and where you need to eat them from!

My favorite donut shops:

1. Colonial Donuts (Taunton, MA), My most consistent shop with the best donuts, thick glazed heaven!

2. Emma Jeans (Fairhaven, MA), I have only come across this shop recently on my way home from work, hence why I can't put it at #1, and they only serve donuts certain days, BUT they did feature the best donut I have ever had (ask them to take a glazed donut and dunk it warm frosting, I promise you won't regret it)

3. Backdoor Donuts (Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard, MA) Now, I know this is a stretch because most cannot access this location, BUT it was so good the time I went I just had to put them on the list, as they bake donuts fresh ONLY at night (which is also extremely unique), so you get an amazing late night snack that's still fresh!

4. Allie's Donuts (North Kingstown, RI) A classic shop! Allie's has been known for many years as Rhode Island's BEST donuts!

My best donut choices:

1. Blueberry Cake

2. Chocolate Frosted

3. Cinnamon

I hope this helps you enjoy National Donut Day!

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