NASA has successfully tested a broadband system built into the moon's atmosphere, with incredibly fast speeds transferring data to and from the Moon at rates of up to 622Mbps.

Just how fast is 622 Mbps you ask? Well, let's put it in a more simpler sense comparing what we know here on Earth.

According to CompNetworking, your Wi-Fi supports a maximum bandwidth of 54 Mbps. Yet, there are some that have seen speeds of 108 Mbps or more. But six times that speed? You could download a two hour movie in seconds.

We are encouraged by the results of the demonstration to this point, and we are confident we are on the right path to introduce this new capability into operational service soon.

NASA has been trying to update their communication systems for years. Radio communication has been the go-to ever since we sent our original astronauts up in space. This new find will greatly improve communications with whoever is up there, and I'm sure Skyping will be awesome.

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