Have you ever wondered what the inside of this boutique doll store looks like on the corner of Main Street and Perry Hill Road in Acushnet?  We took a look inside.

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Jeanne Rokes has been making doll clothes for about 13 years. She started sewing outfits for dolls after her granddaughter asked her for some for her American Girl doll.

The clothes fit so well and looked so nice that friends and family began to encourage Jeanne to sell some of the clothes at craft shows.

"My husband was already taking weekend trips to different craft shows all over New England. I started selling the doll clothes next to his table," says Jeanne. The clothes became more and more popular until eventually, her craft show business grew bigger than her husband Bob's business. "He still makes wooden beds for the dolls that are very popular."

TSM Michael Rock

We wondered if it was creepy locking up the store at night with all of those dolls staring at you. Jeanne laughed and said, "No...they all have the same face. They have different hair and eyes, but they all pretty much have the same face."

We also asked Jeanne about the "NO TURN AROUNDS" sign in her parking lot.

"We live next door to the store, and our bedroom looks over the parking lot. Every time someone turns around, it shines lights into our house, and it was becoming distracting," she said, noting the sign has helped.

TSM Michael Rock