My three-month war with Apple quietly came to a close early this morning.

I had been battling with the tech behemoth since I first spent over $1,000 on my new iPhone XS back in late June.

Before I went to buy my new phone, I followed the standard Apple protocol by downloading the latest, greatest version of Apple's iOS to my old phone and then backing it up to my iTunes. Normally, this makes for a super easy transition from your old phone to your new phone. In this case, however, it set me on a collission course with Apple and their tech support.

Somehow, my old iPhone 8 Plus was able to download iOS 12.32, while my brand new phone was loaded up with iOS 12.31. This made it impossible for me to restore the backup of my old phone to my new phone.

Maddeningly, Apple tech support would shrug off the problem, robotically declaring that there was nothing they could do to allow me to use my new phone with my old phones pictures, calendars, apps and settings – you know, the stuff that puts the "I" in your iPhone. Very un-Apple-like.

The war began. I was most upset that Apple couldn't have cared less about the hardship they placed upon me. After complaining about my situation on the air, a few callers suggested that I download the beta version of 13.0. I could upgrade both the new and old phones to 13.0 and transfer my data.

The results were mixed. The method itself worked; I was able to transfer my stuff over to my new phone, but now I was stuck with an incredibly buggy 13.0. It was so unstable it prevented me from checking and sending emails at times.

For three months I lived with this nonsense. Then, I woke up today to wonderful news: Apple had released iOS 13.1. This was not a beta version. It was a new, legit version of 13.1. I've never been so eager to upgrade my iOS system in my whole life. I downloaded it early this morning, and so far my phone has been working perfectly.

If you know anyone who has been stuck the way I have been, share the good news with them.

The Apple war is over. A truce has begun.

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