lemonade day

We had such a good time, my son Brody and I as we worked our way through the rain on Greater Fall River Lemonade Day this past Saturday!

We hit Dartmouth Street in Dartmouth first and our first stop was the BayCoast Bank where Friendly Little Lemon Pops was set up (see pic above).  These gals and their moms had their selling system in place and big smiles as they greeted their customers.  And their lemonade was delicious!

We then popped over to Sour Power in front of Big Value Outlet, these 2 brothers had an upscale stand serving regular and strawberry lemonade with plastic cups, lids and straws.  Brody and I were very impressed!  They also had added value offerings like; penny candy, homemade rice krispie treats and cookies, yum! I asked which charity they picked to donate to and why?  They said, St.Jude's because they feel lucky that they are a heathy family and not everyone is so lucky.. very sweet :)

Literally Lemonade was set up in front of the DeMello School and there were lots of students, teachers and moms and dads involved in this lemonade stand.  To see such a well put together stand with the kids moving from the snack stand to lemonade stand serving their customers with smiles, was really cool!

We made our way over to Melissa's Pet Depot on Faunce Corner Rd in Dartmouth to meet Avery and her mom at Avery's Lemonade Stand.  So at this point during the day, the rain had slowed down thankfully but the wind was picking up!  Avery was quite the multi-tasker, pouring her lemonade for customers and trying her best to keep her table from not blowing away!  She gets a big A PLUS for effort :)


Inside the Dartmouth Mall at Old Navy is where we found one of the most decorated lemonade stands we've seen.  Wow, Jayla's Juice had quite a set up!

A full blown, full sized wooden stand with the signage and menu sign to boot!

They had delicious homemade lemonade in a variety of flavors and also had pretty packaged treats including cup cakes and popcorn to choose from.  I asked Jayla what she was planning to do with the spending and savings portion of her proceeds.  I was expecting hear her say she was saving for a lap top or maybe and iPad or phone, like any young girl her age might want.  Both Brody and I were surprised when she said, she is helping her mom save for a house, that she wants to make sure she is able to live and stay is the school districts town where she is now.  Wow.  That is truly the most unselfish thing I've heard in a long time.  Good for you Jayla... and mom, you've done a great job with your daughter :)

The Sweet Lemon lemonade stand in front of Fabulous Foundations in the Dartmouth Town Center was a mom and daughter duo and they had the most amazing strawberry lemonade, I believe my son bought 2 cups from them!

Double C's Juicy Lemonade Shack on Dartmouth St are donated all of the proceeds to Team Noah.  They raised close to 2,000.00 during the Greater Fall River Lemonade Day!  Way to go guys :)

We had a lot of fun in the rain with you, thank you for being part of our Greater Fall River Lemonade Day, it was a big success :)