The pillow fighting elf is back in action, but this time he brought reinforcements. 

Last week I wrote about a man dressed as Buddy the Elf that went viral for starting pillow fights with strangers in Boston. Well guess who's back!

Yeah, this guy I know is exploding across the nation this holiday season by dressing as an elf and spreading Christmas cheer. He's not doing it by singing loud for all to hear, because trust me, I know him and I know his singing voice wouldn't spread anything but bleeding ears. So, he's doing the next best thing and starting more pillow fights.

This time he brought along a little back up, because I'm assuming he underestimated the people of Boston and their pillow fighting ability. There's only one solution to that: don't let it be a fair fight. Buddy's bringing a gang mentality to pillow fighting, and personally I'm a fan of it.

No holds barred. There are no rules when it comes to pillow fighting! It's every man for himself, unless you're an elf that has other elves in their back pocket for when things get out of hand.

Check out Round 2 of Buddy's beatdowns in the video. Allow me to remind everyone, though, don't try this at home. He's a professional.

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