Blue jeans, apple pie and pickup trucks are about as American as you can get, right? Well, turns out that is true for two of those three things...Blue jeans are said to be going out of style and being replaced by leggings!

Well, that is according to teenagers anyway. The CEO of Levi's says younger people are buying far more Nike and Lululemon than they are jeans, and that the company is "threatened by the athleisure trend of wearing yoga pants." Levi's sales have dropped from over $7 billion down to about $4.8 billion over the years.

Even the Gap, known for their famous jeans, is following the 'leisurewear' trend with their brand 'Athleta'. "My generation grew up wearing jeans — jeans are just a part of our life, and it still is, Athleta executive Nancy Green says, "But this generation is growing up in yoga pants and activewear. So I think it's just going to be bigger and bigger and bigger for the future."

As much as I love my leggings, I do still see a place for jeans. I don't think I could ever give them up, and I can't even imagine them ever going out of style!  Hopefully, this is just a trend among teenagers and like most trends, this too will pass.

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