Mother's Day is coming up quick, May 11th, and it'll be here before we know it.

It's not too early to start thinking about gifts for your Mom! I don't know about you, but my Mom is somewhat difficult to buy for. She's pretty picky, so I have to be choosey when choosing a gift for her. If you have a picky Mom or maybe you're just all out of ideas, here are some that may help you:

  1. A Vineyard Tour and Wine Tasting!  This could be a fun idea for a Mom that enjoys drinking wine.  Walk around the vineyard on a tour and sample wines.  She could go with her family or her friends, or maybe even both!
  2. A Mani/Pedi!  Women like being pampered.  What's even better is when we don't have to pay to be pampered!  Treat your Mom to a mani/pedi and she'll not only get to relax, but her toesies will be flip flop weather ready!
  3. A Photo Shoot or Canvas Print!  My Mom's been asking for photos of me and my brother and now me and my husband for years!  We always say we're going to get pictures done and give them to her, but we always forget.  Don't be like me and constantly forget.  Your Mom would probably love a nice family photo shoot or, if you can't make the time right now to schedule a shoot...take a great photo that you already have and put it on canvas!  It'll look great!
  4. A Pizza Grilling Class!  I always say that this sounds like fun and I want to do it, but I never get around to it.  It could be a really fun thing to do with your Mom, plus, the bonus part is, you get to eat the delicious pizza afterwards!

If all else fails and your Mom won't like any of these ideas or maybe money is a little tight this year...get her a nice, meaningful card, and go spend the afternoon together!  Whether you do something or nothing at all, it can be wonderful just to set aside some time to visit together.  Sometimes the best gifts cost nothing at all, they just require time :).

Happy Mother's Day!