Mother's Day is a beautiful holiday. It's the perfect day for us to do what we probably SHOULD be doing more of year-round: honoring our mothers.

I love Mother's Day because I don't get to see my mom each day, and I cherish the family time and memories that are created on holidays like this. I feel so lucky that I still get to travel with my mom (here we are, pictured above at Stonehenge).

Six years ago, however, Mother's Day became a little more emotionally complicated. That was the year my mother in law passed away. Before that year, it honestly never occurred to me how much pain Mother's Day could bring to people who no longer have, or ever had, a mother in their life. I remember cringing each time I'd play a Mother's Day-themed commercial on Fun 107. I knew that the mention of Mother's Day on the radio would open a wound even wider for my grieving wife, and it made me feel terrible.

Six years later, I still struggle to balance honoring and celebrating my mom for the incredible woman that she is, with being sensitive to the fact that my wife no longer has her mother to hug on Mother's Day.

My mom deserves all of the thanks and praise in the world for raising me and my sister (especially me—I could be A LOT at times). I want to shout from the rooftops how much she means to me. I'd never be the person that I am or lead the life that I live without Mary Rock. Then, I see another "Remember, Sunday is Mother's Day" poster in the store, and I know how crushing that is to people like my wife.


There's also the delicate balance of allowing my kids the opportunity to celebrate my wife as the incredible mom that SHE is to them. There are just so many conflicting emotions.

As we head into Mother's Day weekend, please remember those who are without their mothers. Maybe drop them a quick note on Sunday to let them know you are thinking of them.

If you are lucky enough to have a mom, hug her just a little bit longer on Sunday. Be appreciative that you still can.

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