This could be the most Instagrammed street in America and it is super close to the SouthCoast.

A drive for a perfect Instagram photo might totally be worth it with this fairly local street.

Apparently Acorn St in Beacon Hill is the most photographed street in the country. At least that's what the Boston Globe wrote recently.

I've never actually been there myself, but I can totally see why people love to snap shots of this stone-paved alleyway from the 1820s.

It is classic New England in so many ways.

River stone paves the street. Historic brick buildings line it, many with old black shutters on the windows. And there are even old-timey gas street lanterns on the road.

It's a great spot for pictures any time of year.




And of course Fall

People have taken wedding photos here

Struck yoga poses in the road

And of course grabbed pics of their Insta worthy pets

People even seem to like to photoshop themselves onto this street.

Seriously, if you search #AcornStreet on Instagram you'll end up with over 18,000 photos to flip through.

Definitely a sound argument for it being the most photographed street in America.

If you are going with a professional photog in tow, be warned you are supposed to obtain a permit to do so.

Just going with friends and a cell phone however, locals say go for it. Just be respectful of the folks that actually live there.

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