We caught up with our friends at ABC6 for the Morning Talker.  This morning we spoke about Tom Brady pitching for the Red Sox, an Alabama teen taking her Grandfather to prom and a chimpanzee knocking down a drone!Yesterday was the Opening Day for the Boston Red Sox and we had such beautiful weather! Tom Brady threw the first ceremonial pitch of the game. Tom's throw wasn't so perfect, the ball  bounced in the first in the left handers batter box. Otherwise it was a great game!

Youtube/FUN 107
Youtube/FUN 107

We spoke about an Alabama student who had a special someone as her prom date.  Who was the special guy? Her grandfather. Joy Webb is getting ready for her very first prom and she's bringing her 80-year-old "Poppa". He never went to prom growing up so she wanted to share the experience with him. Seems like it's pretty early for prom season. Maybe Alabama has proms early on. Very sweet story either way!

Lastly we looked at a chimpanzee knocking down a drone with a branch! The drone was videoing the animals in a Netherlands zoo. Once the drone is on the ground the chimpanzee rips off the propellers, and checks it out the device. It's pretty obvious why these guys are considered some of the smartest animals.

Watch the video below:

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