It's been the summer of shooting stars, I think. Hopefully, you all are making some good wishes.

So another viewing is possible along the SouthCoast tonight. The Perseid meteor shower is happening, with fair viewing conditions in our area from dusk to dawn. They say dozens of shooting stars across the sky should be visible. Even though there will actually hundreds of meteors actually happening.

While the best place to view them will be mostly in the Midwest, it could be the perfect excuse to grab some wine and sit outside and just take in the free show. The moon is expected to be pretty full and bright, which will also make it pretty difficult to see the showers.

I know what you are thinking, "Didn't we just have a meteor shower?" You would be right. The astronomy geek in me still loves the wonders of our world and beyond, and this kind of light show is always just amazing.

I'm unsure how many we will actually get to see but according to the pros, this will boast the second-highest number of meteors visible in the area, second only to those seen in December.

I may use this as an excuse to grab a bottle of wine and sit outside on my front porch and sip the night away.

For more information, you can check out the Accuweather website. Plus they have a map of where in the U.S. we can see these the best.

Will you take a look-see? If you can take some pictures. I know it's super hard to capture anything on a phone but I was surprised at what you guys could see during the last shower we had.

Safe meteor shower watching tonight!


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