There just may be a new kind of monster to deal with, according to the FDA.  A new report from the government agency says it is investigating whether the highly caffeinated Monster Energy Drink has caused 5 deaths, and one non-fatal heart attack.  The FDA said the drink has been cited in those deaths, but nothing has been proven as of yet.   Monster Energy Drink, which comes in 24-ounce cans, contains 240 milligrams of caffeine, or 7 times the amount of the caffeine found in a 12-ounce Coke or Pepsi.

Monster Beverage Corp, puts labels on cans that state the drinks are not recommended for children or people who are sensitive to caffeine.  Monster is among a growing group on energy drinks on the market, with a 35 percent share, while Red Bull has 30 percent, and Rockstar 19 percent.  The FDA caps the amount of caffeine allowed in soda, but there is no such limit for energy drinks.

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