After being home with my two sick kids last week, I've come to realize my sick days are no longer my own.

As a mom you end up sacrificing many things. Sleep, for one.

But it wasn't until just last week that I realized my sick days were no longer my sick days. Nope, now my sick days are for days the kids are sick and need some extra love.

Don't get me wrong, deep down I am happy to do it. Having kids means rolling with the ups and downs. It just made me think about all that moms give up for their kids.

I know I share my meals with my little food explorers, share my bed when bad dreams wake someone up and share most of my personal space on a daily basis.

So I guess just add sick days to the list.

But I can't be the only mom doing this, right?

Think about it. Since becoming a mom how often have you been the one who's sick and somebody takes care of you? When's the last time you weren't feeling well and took a day at home alone to get better?

Cold season is just gearing up and I've already seen lots of friends posting on Facebook about not feeling well and spending the day in bed binge watching something.

Kid-less friends mind you.

My level of jealousy is pretty high when I see that. At this point I can't imagine having a day to myself in bed just watching TV.

Though when I finally get those days back, I'm sure I'll be missing all the kid cuddles instead.

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