Molly Bish was just 16 years old when she disappeared from her job as a lifeguard in Warren, Massachusetts in June of 2000. Three years later, her partial remains were found 1.5 miles from the Bish's home.

Now, nearly 21 years after her disappearance, Molly's family is still pleading with her killer to come forward.

Heather Bish is a teacher in Barnstable County, but when she's not in the classroom, she spends time digging for answers, trying to solve her sister's murder. Heather recently started a TikTok account, where she said that every year since Molly's disappearance, the family has sent out public pleas, asking Molly's murderer to come forward. This year, with TikTok's increasing popularity, Heather downloaded the app and started sharing Molly's story through videos, encouraging others to spread the word and putting pressure on Molly's murderer to come forward.

"It's coming on 21 years now, and I'm getting real tired of waiting for you to stop being a coward," Heather said. "I want you to know I'm coming for you. I will not stop. I will not stop finding ways to find you. I will use science. I will use technology. I will use my voice. I will not stop screaming from the mountaintops for justice for Molly."

Heather's words are a show of strength, resilience and the everlasting sisterly bond.

"I will not be giving up. Not in my lifetime, and I will outlive you," Heather said. "So before you meet your maker, come forward. Give up. Turn yourself into the Mass. State Police or keep waiting in your prison as I get closer and closer. I'm coming for you. I'm coming."

The tip line for Molly Bish's case is still open and anyone with potential information about the case should call the Massachusetts State Police at 508-453-7575.

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