Bean the cat spent almost two months away from his home in North Dighton and it took the community's help to bring him back.

Jordan Lynn was relentless in the widespread effort to get her beloved Bean home. After 57 days, countless social media posts and more than 400 flyers, this story has a happy ending.

Bean, 2 years old, had been missing since Easter weekend. Lynn said Bean is an indoor and outdoor cat but that he had never strayed from home before this incident.

Bean was microchipped in case he ever disappeared, but chips are only useful when read by veterinarian clinic scanners.

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Bean's four-legged sister, Jelly, clearly missed her brother. So did Lynn's children, Grady and Troy.

"(Bean) walks them to the bus in the morning, usually, and then back inside for breakfast," Lynn said. "He loves his boys."

Check out this adorable bus stop picture.

Jord Lynn
Jord Lynn

While not out of hope, the heartbroken family was doing its best to adjust to life without the affectionate cat two months after he went missing.

Then, over the weekend, word came that Bean had landed in the right place at the right time.

A Swansea couple recognized the cat, a missing celebrity of sorts, in their backyard off Baker Road. They called him by name, then, once Bean was safely in their care, they tagged Lynn in a social media post.

Like that, Bean was back where he belonged.

Lynn took to Facebook to spread the good word:

We are beyond grateful to everyone who helped look, shared his post, tagged me in posts of cats in the area, hung his flyer on their fridge and most importantly the ones who didn't forget about Bean being missing! We could not be any happier to have him back with us! He is so happy to be home!

Lynn soon learned there was a second chip in Bean, indicating he may have been housed by someone for a while who had the intention of keeping him. Questions remain about the kitty's adventures.

That's all in the past, though. What matters to the family now is that Bean is home, and seems to be as happy as ever.

Jord Lynn Facebook
Jord Lynn Facebook

Without a doubt, Bean brings so much joy to this family. Anyone with pets can relate.

I'm so glad that Lynn didn't give up hope on finding Bean. Check out some photos below of the little guy spending time around the house.

North Dighton Lost Cat

Bean, is a beautiful cat that lives in North Dighton and had been lost for 59 days and miraculously has been found and returned home without a scratch.

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