Real men celebrate National Women’s History Month.

For the entire month of March, the nation highlights historic events and contributions of women throughout the years, with many organizations raising money towards the advancement and well-being of women in this country.

One Middletown man has decided to use his DJing platform to assist SouthCoast students in collecting necessary items for the Fall River Deaconess Women’s Shelter in support of Women’s History Month.

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Andrew Chevalier was once my coworker at Applebee’s, and now he’s the owner and operator of Ace Entertainment New England, working alongside several restaurants in the area. His wife is a teacher on the SouthCoast and she had mentioned to Andrew that her students plan on giving back in the month of March to a shelter that could really use the help.

Chevalier jumped at the chance to help.

“We reached out to the Fall River Deaconess Shelter to see if we could help in any way and in fact, they need more help than any other organization because they’re a specialty organization,” he said. “Not only are they a women’s shelter, but they’re a women’s shelter for children, and so, therefore, have higher needs than other shelters."

Now that restaurants are allowed to have live entertainment, Chevalier’s schedule is starting to look a lot busier, and he plans on using the venues that he works with to collect donations for women in need.

Chevalier will be collecting masks, sanitizer, puzzles, and art supplies at all of his gigs in March.

Seeing a man step up to the plate for SouthCoast women brightened my day and I hope it will inspire other men to do the same.

Follow Andrew Chevalier on Instagram and go to to learn how you can help.

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