A couple of months back we got a break and so did the meter maids. Parking tickets on most metered city streets were suspended in a time where most of us weren't even leaving our homes.

It was the thought that counts, though, right? They pulled the meter maids off the streets right about the same time many businesses had to close up shop and most of us were staying home. Now that lots of businesses – especially restaurants – are back open, it looks like most cities want to tap into our pockets and start issuing parking tickets again.

Personally, I think it's too soon. At least give us the summer to get out and support or local businesses without having to worry about getting a parking ticket. It's almost like adding insult to injury even thinking about sending out meter maids right now.

Sorry, but I'd rather put that $25 or $50 parking ticket fee into a local business. Maybe I have been burned one too many times by the meter maids and I really don't want to give the city any more of my money, but I feel like I can't be alone on this.

I get it, the city is missing out on some much-needed revenue here, but all of us are hurting financially right now.

What do you think? Should we get a few more months of relief from the meter maids?

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