Greg Desrosiers/TSM
Greg Desrosiers/TSM

Brian Marshall, the New Bedford man running for mayor on a write-in campaign and known across the city as "Captain Recovery," was arrested on Friday, August 7 for trespassing and creating a nuisance at City Hall. WBSM's Greg Desrosiers captured the entire incident on video, and the next morning, Marshall called into my Saturday morning radio show to explain his side of the story. He also noted that the entire incident was recorded on his POV glasses, which contain a built-in video camera and microphone, and that he would soon get the video out to the public.


On Tuesday, Marshall finally released the video on his Facebook page. You can watch it in its entirety here (WARNING: some language might not be suitable for work), complete with the text from Marshall's post.


Recently, a video was posted of a false arrest I was subjected to by the manipulation and total abuse of a government position by the lying coward known as Brian Gomes ... President of the New Bedford City Council. I will be taking all the false charges issued against me by a corrupt New Bedford Police officer only know to me by "Fonseca". Please feel free to share this video (using the link) with all people who believe WE do not yet live in a Fascist Police State where officers can collude with politicians to harass and intimidate innocent citizens. Namaste ... god bless with love ...and integrity.

Posted by Brian Marshall on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Here is the original video, as captured by Greg outside City Hall:


What do YOU think? Does this video prove that "Captain Recovery" was merely trying to have a conversation with an elected official at City Hall, or are we still only getting part of the story? Would you vote for Marshall in the upcoming election?

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