Congratulations to Fun 107's SouthCoast Teacher of the Month for May 2020. Thank you to our sponsor, ProGroup Contracting, for helping to make this school classroom even better.

Michael de Gouveia is a teacher at the Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School who received an amazing nomination for the SouthCoast Teacher of the Month Contest in May. Needless to say, our sponsor ProGroup Contracting was seriously impressed after reading about all the wonderful work he's done and we couldn't agree more.
Now, normally, we would go into the classrooms, but due to the current situation with schools being closed for the rest of this academic year, the Michael & Maddie Show decided to jump on the digital wagon and send a video to our winning recipient (see video above).
A perfect example of how we are practicing social distancing within our community.

Mr. DeGouveia received such touching nomination letters to Fun 107, so we decided to share it with the rest of you:

The submissions read as follows:

  • He's the sweetest and most caring teacher. He's always there for his students. He's funny and knows how to put a smile on his students' faces even when they're down.
  • He's able to teach the complex information in easy to digest ways as well as make class a fun and interesting experience. He's able to relate to his students well maintaining a healthy respectful distance.
  • He always makes teaching fun and is very understanding of everyone’s problems
    Mr. D, or The Kool-Aid Man, has a great sense of humor.
  • Shop at Voc can become stressful and he can always help calm down students when they’re stressed over a project and he keeps his lessons fun, more like a discussion than a lesson. He is the best teacher I and some of my friends have ever had.
  • He has never let us down and he is the most chill teacher in the whole school.
  • This teacher has inspired every single of us and has pushed us to improve in our abilities even harder, he doesn’t have to ask twice for us to finish our work we do it because we want to make him proud. He makes a list on the board and helps those who are in need and even lets us help him by helping students who are seeking help with their work. However, if things are too complicated, he makes sure to come over and help those students while teaching the other students who were also trying to help. He is a very amazing guy and has a very phenomenal personality, he is really funny and very easy to talk to.
  • Because he reaches out to students and has great times to cheer them up.

Congratulations to Mr. DeGouveia and everyone over at the Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School who work so hard each and every day to make a fun learning environment for all our kids.

If your child’s teacher is one of those amazing human beings that goes above and beyond for their students and deserves some recognition this year, nominate him or her for the Teacher of the Month award. They may be as lucky as Mr. DeGouveia.

Let’s show our teachers some love for working so hard for our kids.

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