It's been a year since Mattapoisett broke ground on the town's brand new fire station. Overwhelming support was shown by the town in the two elections that were necessary to get the new construction passed.

Since then, the town has watched as work crews pieced together what will be an incredibly modern fire station, much more than the current station, which was built in the 1940s.

One example is something as simple as a shower. A shower can be nice to have at a workplace for practical reasons, but showers at fire stations are important for safety reasons.

Mattapoisett Fire Station Construction from Tim Smith on Vimeo.

"Our firefighters would face fires, get exposed to unknown chemicals, and then take those chemicals home to their families where they'd finally be able to shower off the contaminants," explained Mattapoisett Fire Chief Andrew Murray. The new Mattapoisett fire station will be equipped with those necessary showers.

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The new station will also be custom built to house the much larger fire trucks that are used in the 20s – meaning the 2020s. Mattapoisett's current fire station, not surprisingly, was built for the much smaller engines that were used back in 1949.

From October 1, 2020 until this past weekend, Tim Smith has been compiling time lapse video to show the progress of the fire station's construction. The video, which shows all the construction in the span of under four minutes, can be seen above.

Crews are rounding home on the project, which is expected to be completed by summer's end. It sits next door to the Mattapoisett Police Department.

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