It's a skill that has been passed down for many generations here in New England. In nearly every rural area in the region, you will find at least one piece of property that is sectioned off by a rock wall.

Whenever I see one of these rock walls, I always wonder about the people who assembled it. I assume they collected the stones as they were clearing land to plant crops or build a home.

Whose hands built these walls?  What were their worries?  What were their dreams?

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Whatever technique they used must have been a good one, because many of those rock walls have stood the test of time, some for centuries.

I have absolutely no talent when it comes to constructing anything, but I would love to build a wall like this along my property. I can only imagine the amount of satisfaction I would have as I pulled up to my home and saw it bordered off by a stone wall that I built with my own hands.

If you have the same interest, you are in luck. This weekend the Mattapoisett Land Trust will offer free lessons on how to build a stone wall.

The lesson will be led by Peter Davies on Sunday, Nov. 13, 10 a.m. Davies has 40 years of experience building and restoring stone walls.

The free lesson will take place at the Oliver Wendall Holmes Jr. Foundation on Angelica Avenue in Mattapoisett.

You are encouraged to wear sturdy footwear (like work boots) and to bring a pair of gloves, as you will be building on Sunday.

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