Although the Silver City Galleria in Taunton is nearing it's demolition date, it leaves behind a "feel-good" story that's worth the read.

A Mattapoisett couple owns a dog that's not just a pet to them, but also a mini-miracle that was bought from the now-deceased Taunton mall almost 19 years ago. Maurine and Todd Rodrigues both grew up in Mattapoisett together and decided one day to take a little trip to the Galleria.

Courtesy Maurine Rodrigues

While doing a little shopping, Maurine's eyes made contact with a little dog in the window of Debby's Petland and instantly fell in love. She told her husband about the dog she saw and put in all the stops to make sure she was taking it home.

"I had no plans of getting this dog," Todd told Fun 107. "I agreed to go take a look at it, but was just going to go in and then leave."

Courtesy Maurine Rodrigues

Well, it's safe to say that the little pup pulled on Todd's heartstrings because he and Maurine ended up leaving the pet store with little "Mattie" in their arms.

"Since Todd and I grew up together in Mattapoisett, we spelled his name that way to reflect where we lived," Maurine said. "I was eight months pregnant with my first daughter at the time, but I had just lost my 18-year old poodle not long after we got married in 2000 and wanted my kids to grow up with a dog like I did."

Mattie is a toy poodle that was purchased back on October 23, 2002, for a whopping $700, which is equivalent to around $1,000 today.

Courtesy Maurine Rodrigues

This summer will mark the 19th birthday for Mattie and although his age has caught up with him and his vision isn't the greatest, he's still the Rodrigues's pride and joy.



"I swear, my wife loves that dog more than me," Todd said jokingly. "Mattie is literally living from Maurine's love. He's getting a little old, but we love him just the same as the day we picked him up."

From all the memories obtained over the years that derived from the Silver City Galleria, Mattie is and always will be, the best one of them all.

Courtesy Maurine Rodrigues

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