Nearly 20 years after the attacks on our country, Americans are still finding ways to show that they remember that fateful day.

After the planes crashed in New York City, we all remember seeing the videos of police officers and firefighters rushing towards the World Trade Center as everyone else was running away from the buildings. Hundreds of those first responders and their families paid the ultimate price in the line of duty.

This morning, as the sun tried to fight through the clouds and drizzle in the Tri-Town, five Mattapoisett firefighters and one firefighter from Marion met at Old Rochester Regional High School. The men were there in honor of the heroes and American citizens that perished 19 years ago today on September 11, 2001.

The six firefighters, suited up in full gear, decided to use the home team bleachers to complete a stair climb in honor of the fallen heroes from 9/11.

When the planes hit the World Trade Center, the elevators obviously became dysfunctional and the stairways were flooded with people trying to escape the doomed buildings.

Can you imagine the physical toll that it must have taken on those first responders dressed in full gear? The Mattapoisett and Marion Firefighters did their best to replicate that this morning, climbing the equivalent of the World Trade Center, 110 stories. The firefighters said that the stair climb was in memory of the 343 firefighters that lost their lives at Ground Zero that day.

Participating were Mattapoisett Captain Dubois, Lieutenant Connelly, Lieutenant Gauvin, Firefighter Pimentel, Probationary Firefighter Cortes, and Marion Firefighter Miller.

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