Lets face it, turkeys are eaten because they aren't particularly smart. Actually, they are just plain stupid. Yep, I'm just gonna throw that one out there.


On the other hand, you've got to credit them, they've tricked all of us into thinking for a ridiculously long time that they can't fly.

According to the Huffington Post, this video was posted to YouTube last week, turkeys are seen taking off into the the air and flying over a Brandeis University dorm in Waltham, Massachusetts. "Why are these turkeys flying?" asks the man behind the camera with astonishment. The situation quickly becomes troublesome when a turkey crashes through a window. "We need to help that turkey!" says the  cameraman as he goes running. Though he doesn't quite know how to help the bird, but his questions are priceless. "Are you ok?" he asks, probably to the woman below. I really like to think he was asking the turkey. Thankfully the turkey was ok!




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