Right now, anyone looking for a bit of a liquor fix on Sunday in Massachusetts has to wait until noon to visit their local package store. Steve Howitt, a state rep for Seekonk, has proposed that liquor stores open at 10 a.m. instead of midday.

Because of a recent bill, our neighbors in Rhode Island no longer have to pay tax on wine and spirits -- beer is still taxed, however -- and another bill allows liquor stores in Rhode Island to open earlier than noon on Sundays.

According to James Dahl, the general manager of Hill's Package Store in Seekonk, sales earlier on Sunday did not provide any extra income. People are simply shifting the time they purchase alcohol, not purchasing more.

Howitt's bill would not make opening and selling liquor earlier than 12 p.m. a requirement, merely an option. Rhode Island's liquor law will officially change as soon as Gov. Lincoln Chafee signs it into law.

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