The Guinness Book of World Records is filled to the brim with exceptional people and incredible accomplishments, and while most are impressive, some records are just downright odd.

Mental Floss, a popular online magazine, combed through the country to find the weirdest Guinness World Records for each state.

A man from Connecticut, for example, holds the world record for the largest collection of hair from historical figures, and a person in Wyoming holds the record for the longest beard chain.

Weird? Yes. Record-breaking? Also, yes.

Wait until you hear the weirdest records for Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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To Be Legit, It Has to be a Guinness World Record

Guinness World Records is the “ultimate authority on record-breaking achievements” and started as an idea in the 1950s for a book of facts to solve arguments in pubs. Today, Guinness World Records is a global brand with a mission to document the most incredible feats.

Getting the seal of approval from the Guinness World Record is no easy task, and the record holders in our neck of the woods deserve the credit.

Even if the following records are bit out of the box.

Weirdest World Record in Massachusetts

The record for Massachusetts is very fitting.

Mental Floss editor-in-chief Erin McCarthy shared the state’s weirdest record is for Most Tea Bags Thrown into Mugs in 30 Seconds.

The current record holder is Dan Douglas of Jefferson, who managed to throw 13 tea bags in April of 2022.

Weirdest World Record in Rhode Island

“A team known as the Rhode Island Sewing Network teamed up with nonprofit Project Undercover to create a sock in 2011 that measured 32 feet 7 inches tall, by 22 feet 8 inches wide and 8 feet 2 inches thick,” McCarthy said

That’s right, Rhode Island, you are the proud owner of the World’s Largest Sock.

Keep scrolling to see the other oddball records for each state.

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