As if Nelly herself was looking down over Durfee High School on Saturday, the skies were  blue, the sun was bright and warm and the crowd was significantly grand indeed!

Although the record for the amount of "Angels" was not broken, spirits at Nelly Strong Day in Fall River were at an all time high. Many came out in support in attempts to break the World Guinness Record of 1,039 "Angels, but was just shy by a few hundred.

This doesn't mean they were defeated... Many people showed up early and left before the final count by an official Guinness World Record Judge was made, leaving a gap in numbers from those who left too soon. It was an extremely hot day and without the proper protection from the sun, some people simply were playing it safe.


In the end, the heart of each person who participated grew larger in size and a memory of the very first time Mayor Jasiel Correia II proclaimed July 30th to be the official first year of Nelly Strong Day in Fall River, MA.


This is only the beginning for Fall River and the Nelly Strong Foundation Inc. and plans to reunite and shatter the record are in the works for 2017. There is more than just hope now for Nelly Strong Day... There is a foundation and a base in which our community is structured by love, unity and built by the dreams of those who wish to make a difference in this world.

We are all... Nelly Strong.