I don’t have a pool, but a couple of my relatives do. If we don’t feel like going to the beach, we usually end up at one of the pools for the afternoon to cool off during the summer. It’s nice to not have to lug all of the beach stuff and have access to a private bathroom when nature calls. However, not everyone has a pool of their own or knows someone who owns a pool. So that’s why it’s nice to know that a new service exists to bridge that gap.

Swimply.com is a new website that allows residents to list their private pools as available to rent by the hour. Potential customers currently have 41 pools to choose from in Massachusetts and one in Rhode Island. The best part is that more pools are added to the list every day.

We’ve seen pools listed as low as $25 per hour and as high as $130 per hour. We even came across one that had a mandatory two-hour-rental. And they really are across the state, so no matter where you are, you can find one to jump in.

As I look through the areas that are listed on the site, I can’t help but notice that most are further west and away from the ocean. With a greater distance to the beach, I can see how this service would really come in handy for families trying to have some fun in the water this season.

Here is a list of all the pools listed in Massachusetts as of this moment. This will be updated as more information becomes available. Please note that availability on the site is completely at the discretion of the pool owner.

Every Massachusetts and Rhode Island Pool Available to Rent Today

Swimply.com is a website that allows residents to list their private pools as available to rent by the hour for those who want to cool off this summer. Here is a complete list of the locations we found in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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