Living off the grid may sound appealing to some, but before you unplug and check out, there are some things you need to know. Of primary importance, where do you "take care of business?"

What does the law say about having an outhouse in Massachusetts? Can you lawfully dig an outhouse anywhere in New England?

Outhouses are completely legal in New Hampshire. "Live free or die" isn't just a motto to New Hampshirites. Vermont and Maine require you to obtain a permit to have an outhouse.

If you want an outhouse in Connecticut, there are requirements. The outhouse must have local health department approval, and waste from compost toilets must be buried.

Are Outhouses Legal In Massachusetts And Rhode Island?
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Outhouses are illegal in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, according to World Population

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Outhouses are legal in 15 states, illegal in 14, legal with conditions in 11 states, and require permits in nine states. Florida allows outhouses with federal approval.

Massachusetts outhouses, "including pit and vault privies, are illegal in Massachusetts." The site says, "They are considered 'non-conforming systems' under the code."

Are Outhouses Legal In Massachusetts And Rhode Island?
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As for Rhode Island, "Even campgrounds are generally required to have flush toilets and septic systems." World Population Review says, "The Rhode Island Cesspool Act of 2007 also made it illegal to use cesspools with virtually no exceptions."

There are a host of other laws governing off-grid living in Massachusetts. says, "Many areas require you to connect to the municipal sewer and/or water system, thus making it illegal to live 100 percent off the grid."

The site offers tips and solid information for those considering off-grid living.

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