Finally, summer weather is here and Harold the Massachusetts pot-bellied pig is showing us all how to live our best lives.

Sarah Gordon is Harold's mom and absolutely loves her Harold, a nearly 2-year-old teacup pig. Harold also has a sister in Bellingham and his mom lives in Connecticut.

So, what's it like to have a pig as a pet? Gordon is happy to enlighten.

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"Pigs are actually cleaner than dogs and cars, and more intelligent too," she said.

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Did you know that pigs have 22 different sounds they can make to express emotion? Or that pigs can actually be trained to use a litter box?

Gordon said it took her about three months to potty-train Harold but he decides if he wants to go inside or outside.

Harry likes to eat healthily. You can catch him eating a smoothie bowl with lots of oats. He also gets plenty of greens in his diet. Talk about inspiration.

Seriously, Harold is too cute. You should absolutely follow him on Instagram to keep track of all his little adventures around the Bay State, including the SouthCoast region. His bio describes him as a "mini pot belly with a big heart" who "loves donuts and belly scratches." What's not to like?

"He’s honestly more like a toddler than a pet," Gordon says of her four-legged star. He drives us crazy, but we couldn’t love him more."

I seriously can't help but smile seeing this guy living his best life.

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