Last month, I told you about an odd Easter Sunday occurrence that happened to my family on the way up and back to my parent's house for our family get-together.

As she often does, particularly on holidays, my wife had been thinking about and missing her mom. On the way up to my parents, my wife saw a license plate with her mother's initials. Amazingly, about eight hours later while on the way home, we saw that very same car, followed by another car with the license plate "WeLuvU."

The experience was settling for my wife. She looked at it as a sign from her mom telling her that she was there with her, celebrating Easter alongside her.

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Fast forward to yesterday. Mother's Day has consistently been the most difficult day on the calendar for my wife since my mother-in-law passed away eight years ago. She's not alone. Mother's Day is a very difficult day for many who have lost their mothers. It's even difficult to go onto Facebook without facing a deluge of pictures of happy people and their moms.

That's why I was blown away once again yesterday. Driving back from my parent's house, we were right about the same spot in South Boston when one of the kids pointed out a huge "orb" that had developed in the sky. The 360-degree rainbow in the sky seemed mystical. Doing some research this morning, we found that this phenomenon is apparently called a "glory." 

Again, I'm not a huge believer in these "signs" from above, but between the Easter Sunday license plate incident and yesterday's Mother's Day orb, it's hard not to wonder.

Could the orb have been a sign to all of those who have lost their moms and were struggling on Mother's Day? Is it a sign of glory from all of those mom's looking over their children from heaven?

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