I did a double-take when I saw that there is an actual brewery here in Massachusetts that is run by Monks.

America's first Trappist brewery, Spencer Brewery, was founded and had their first brew on October 26th, 2013. They are located at St. Joseph's Abbey in Spencer, which is about an hour and a half from the New Bedford area. Spencer isn't far from Worcester.
Spencer Brewery Facebook

On their Facebook page, the monks describe themselves and what they do: "We do not have public hours. St. Joseph's Abbey in Spencer, Massachusetts, is home to a community of Trappist monks and the first American Trappist brewery. Following the Benedictine tradition of ora et labora (prayer and work), the monks pursue a simple life of contemplative prayer, manual labor and hospitality. The brewery helps support the monks and their charitable outreach. The brewery, being far into the abbey's land, is not open to the public for tours or tastings. There is also no general phone number for the brewery."  

Spencer Brewery Facebook
Then how do you request a tour or purchase their beer? You'll have to follow them on Facebook and catch them at an upcoming event that they attend. Don't worry, it appears they are pretty active and bring their brew to several outdoorsy-type wine and beer events all over New England. They'll be in Waterbury Connecticut in a few weeks on September 8.
Spencer Brewery Facebook
They specialize in Trappist Classics like:
Spencer Trappist Ale
Spencer Trappist Holiday Ale
Spencer Monks' Reserve Ale (Quad)
...and American Trappist Craft Beers like:
Spencer Trappist Imperial Stout
Spencer Trappist IPA
Spencer Feierabendbier, Trappist Pilsner
Spencer Festive Lager
Spencer Vienna Style Lager