Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. So what kind of sweet treat are most people in Massachusetts buying for their special someone?

There are plenty of chocolate choices out there, but one map reveals exactly who is buying what from coast-to-coast.

And according to that map…Massachusetts loves the classic heart-shaped box of chocolates.

Ohio, Kansas, and Connecticut were a few other states that went with the heart-shaped box of chocolates as well. But there were some other interesting findings from the map.

Like, folks in Alabama like to give candy necklaces for Valentine's Day. Really?!? Candy necklaces? Do better Alabama.


Conversation hearts became the new king of Valentine's candy according to this study from Food&Wine. 10.2% of candy sales are conversation hearts, while heart shaped boxes of candy dropped to 9.6%.

chocolate roses

Hersey's kisses and M&M's also made the top spot in several states...and believe it or not chocolate roses are real things that people in Oregon, New Mexico, Wyoming, Illinois and Kentucky are buying for each other! Who knew!

So do you agree with these findings? Are you buying a classic heart shaped box of chocolates for your Valentine this year?

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