I've seen and read a lot of strange stuff in my life, but this one has me shaking my head.

The Michael and Maddie show is off on vacation (sort of) on Martha's Vineyard, like we do every year for Memorial Day Weekend. It's our way to unofficially kick off the summer each year.

This year, Michael, Maddie and myself decided to head downtown in Vineyard Haven, where we stopped at the Copper Wok for dinner. While we were eating, one of us noticed a strange sign in the women's stall. It read the following:

Gazelle/Townsquare Media
Gazelle/Townsquare Media

Now, I can understand why a person would want to not touch a public toilet handle, but what I want to know is, what exactly happened for someone to have to put up a PSA about using your feet? How did they know someone actually did that?

It's a sign stating the obvious, but then again, perhaps the obvious is what needs a refresher course.

Perhaps someone was lazy enough to flush like a normal human being and kicked in the toilet handle too hard. If you ask me, it's pretty sad that a business even has to waste their printer ink on such nonsense, but then again, here we are.

It just goes to show you how little some people care about other's property and can have no consideration for others in general. Hopefully, this keeps at least one person reading this article from using their feet on a toilet handle. Not only is it inappropriate, it's gross, too.

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