What are the chances of meeting that special someone, falling in love, getting married, and you both were born with the same last name? Come to find out, it happens--more than you might think--here on the SouthCoast.

I was meeting with a bride and groom last night about me DJ'ing their wedding. As I was taking my notes, I had thought I made an error, I had listed both of them with the last name Paiva. For a second, I thought maybe they had already gotten married at a destination wedding, and were coming back home for the reception. That was not the case, though. In all my years of DJ'ing weddings, I had never seen the bride and groom already have the same name.

Pictured above is Kelly Almeida from Dartmouth. Her parents, Manuel and Maria from New Bedford, both had the last name Almeida when they met and fell in love, so when it was time to get married, Maria never even had to think about changing her name.  Think that's weird? When Kelly met her husband Dennis, the same exact thing happened! Crazy, right? Apparently not as crazy as you might think!

We got dozens of calls after talking about this today on the Michael Rock Show:

These brides have it lucky. They won't have to go through the painful task of switching over their identity on all of their important documents.

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