The results of a new national survey this week have revealed that a New Bedford and Fall River favorite is leading the country when it comes to dealing with inflation.

The survey, conducted by a customer data science company called Dunnhumby, reveals that Market Basket is far and away the most popular supermarket in America.

In fact, according to, "Market Basket is the only retailer in the U.S. who is in the top five in both base price perception and mass promotions perceptions. Aldi, meanwhile, is just in the top five in base price perception."

In other words, it seems Market Basket customers are buying into the company's age-old slogan: "Where you get more for your dollar."  Also, their customers are saying they have an emotional bond with the supermarket chain. In the world of retail, you can't get a better report card.

Having grown up in Tewksbury (where the company's headquarters are located), going to Market Basket was no big deal for me. It was just a grocery store.

But when Market Basket expanded down into New Bedford 12 years ago, I couldn't get over the craze. People became mega fans and "going to Market Basket" became a sort of a battle cry.

Five years later, Market Basket expanded its footprint into Fall River, opening up at SouthCoast Marketplace and making it more convenient for another SouthCoast city to get in on the action.

The craze grew even more.

It must be because of that emotional bond referenced in the survey.

The article on dug deeper into why these elite rankings are such a big deal to the local grocer, especially at a time when the country is on the brink of a recession.

"Market Basket has shown itself to be the best performing retailer in these times of economic uncertainty by being the best in the country at saving customers money while simultaneously building stronger emotional connections with their shoppers and thereby increasing their shopper visits faster than most other retailers,” said Grant Steadman, president of North America for Dunnhumby.

“Retailers who are focusing their customer value proposition on saving customers money are best positioned to meet the challenges of this prolonged period of inflation and economic uncertainty.”

Translation: People believe Market Basket when it says it has the best prices, and they love the chain for it.

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