Grab your reusable shopping bags, it’s time to go to Market Basket.

According to a new consumer survey by a British consumer data company, Market Basket is the third-best retailer for groceries in America, beating out Walmart, Trader Joe’s, and Target.

Businesswire took a dive into the fifth annual dunhumby Retailer Preference Index (RPI), explaining it as a “comprehensive, nationwide study that examines the approximately $1 trillion U.S. grocery market.”

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Market Basket clearly reigns supreme in New England, with only Amazon and a San Antonio-based grocery company ranking ahead of the Tewkesbury-based chain.

Customer needs and emotional connection were measured in an online survey of 10,000 U.S. households per year, which was further broken down into the following categories: price, quality, digital, operations, convenience, discounts, rewards and information, and speed.

I grew up in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, and Stop & Shop was always the go-to place for my household, but recently over dinner, I heard my father say they travel farther up Post Road to take advantage of Market Basket.

What is it about Market Basket that people are attracted to?

David McLean, Operations Manager at Market Basket told Channel 7 News Boston, “(The survey) highlighted continued excellence on price and operations, which is rewarding as our team seeks to fulfill our commitment to our ‘More for Your Dollar’ shopping philosophy.”
Maybe it’s the best bang for your buck or maybe it’s the easily accessible locations, but the next time you step into Market Basket, you can rest assured that you are getting your groceries at one of the top three grocery markets in the nation.

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